Price list for foreign customers

Dear Clients!

In the activities of a lawyer, work with information is especially important: legislative acts, accounting and operational information, primary documentation, etc.

The composition, content and quality of this information are crucial in ensuring the effectiveness of legal analysis and the effectiveness of the solutions proposed to you.

The process of preparation for analysis includes the collection and initial processing of the necessary data and documents: their accuracy, reliability, adequacy are checked; information is given in a comparable form, systematized, etc.

It is important to understand that if the Client provides the lawyer with incomplete information, the result may be an incorrectly developed business strategy. Therefore, in case of insufficient information provided by you, we recommend collecting the missing information.

You can do it yourself or use our services.

Please note that if the Client provides the lawyer with duplicate documents, this complicates the work of the lawyer: the amount of work increases and, as a result, the time it takes to complete and the cost of providing services.

Below are the rates for the services of a lawyer Polishchuk.

Based on these prices, you will be able to assess your current legal aid costs, forecast the final costs, and make an informed decision on the required amount of legal aid based on your financial capabilities.

Recommendations for reducing the cost of a lawyer:

  • think over the questions that interest you;
  • write questions in writing. Unformed thoughts about what you would like to achieve absorb energy and attention. Transferring your thoughts to paper, you free up space in your head, get the opportunity to think about ways to achieve your goals, and save time and legal advice;
  • prepare in advance the documents that you think the lawyer needs to study in advance;
  • check that documents are not duplicated;
  • scanned documents must be in pdf-format;
  • when scanning, do not combine different documents into one pdf-file;
  • give the documents the correct names (eg: Claim by LLC “Uyut” outd. No. 15 of 11/18/2019);
  • if you plan to send electronic correspondence, then the electronic correspondence itself (without attachments, that is, the “body” of the letter) you can place in chronological order on one sheet (PS: in addition to the “body” of the letter, data on the sender, recipient, date are usually needed and departure time + attachment content for each letter);
  • process attachments to emails as described above (convert to pdf, give the correct name);
  • You can independently prepare many documents using the document designer

These simple steps will significantly reduce your costs and lead us to more fruitful cooperation.

You can compare our rates with the rates of a college of lawyers. Perhaps it will be more profitable and more convenient for you to work at these prices.

You can offer your option of cooperation.

We will consider all possible options and will definitely come to a mutually beneficial solution.


Lawyer Polishchuk Elena

Formula for calculating the cost of services:

Cost of services = volume of documents + strategy (Analytics) + execution of draft documents + personal participation